Wicked Edge GO Deluxe Pack

Sale price$399.00


We’ve combined our popular Wicked Edge GO knife sharpener with our Deluxe Bag and the essential abrasives needed to create a simple, lightweight sharpening package that will let anyone put a Wicked Edge on their knives. Made in the USA from quality materials that are made to last, the Wicked Edge GO knife sharpener is easy to use and small enough to store in a kitchen drawer or closet. The included Deluxe Bag stows the sharpener, stones and strops neatly and is always ready to head into the field or be mounted to a kitchen counter before the holiday feast.

Easy to use for beginners and experts alike, the Wicked Edge GO maintains an angle of your choice, so you can create super sharp, perfect edges on every knife. We've bundled a set of 800/1000 Grit Diamond Stones and 5/3.5 Micron Diamond Leather Strops with this package, so you’ll be able to put a truly wicked edge on all your knives at a great price!

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