Tactile Turn Rockwall Thumbstud Nautilus Seasonal Release Limited Edition

Sale price$399.00


Inspired by the Nautilus Side Click Pen, the Nautilus Rockwall features custom Cerakote and engraving on top of the titanium base.

Blade length: 2.84"

Blade steel: MagnaCut 60-61HRC

Overall length: 7"

Handle material: Titanium

Borrowing a name from Captain Nemo's vessel, the first real submarine, and a shelled sea creature, the Nautilus' colorway is inspired by the vast, mysterious ocean. The color-shifting iridescent blue Cerakote with metallic gold undertones mimics sand on the ocean floor and custom-colored bronze gold accents with an anchor engraved on the pivot are perfect reminders of past, present, and future aquatic adventures.

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