Spartan Blades Pallas Black PVD S45VN & Aluminum SF3BK

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In the ancient Greek world of the Spartans, Pallas (/ˈpæl əs/) was the Titan god of war. When you look at this knife, you can see why it bears the same name. The Spartan Blades Pallas Flipper Folding Knife features a formidable CPM S45VN steel blade, which is housed in an aerospace aluminum frame using a set of alpha bearings.

With our handcrafted Pallas Folding Knife, there’s no need to worry about accessing the blade quickly and easily in a pinch. Thanks to Curtis Iovito’s custom design, the Pallas’ blade can be opened with a quick flick of the flipper tab or thumb stud.

On top of being a fast opening folding knife, the Pallas Button Lock / Thumb Stud / Flipper can be carried securely tip-up in your pocket thanks to our signature titanium arrow clip. This knife will last for years, too: every piece of hardware (including the spacers, screws, button, and thumb studs) is constructed from 100% stainless steel. Note: this knife is not an automatic opener.

Our “Black Out” version of the Pallas features a black tungsten blade with DLC (Diamond-Like Coating), a stonewashed frame and clip, and a black mil spec anodized frame.

Blade length: 3.75”

Overall length: 8.75”

Blade steel: CPM-S45VN

Weight: 4.7ozs

Designed By: Curtis Lovito

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