Spartan Blades Harsey Folder 2021 Special Edition Watch Works

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Winner of the 2016 BLADE Show “American Made Knife of the year” Award

Spartan-Harsey Folder “SHF” The Spartan-Harsey Folder or “SHF” is Spartan Blades first folder collaboration with world renowned knife maker, William "Bill" Harsey Jr. The SHF was produced with the combined goal of creating a sturdy folding knife that could be used for a variety of tasks. This blade can be used for every day carry or as a sturdy field knife. Except for the blade, pivot, and Stop pin, all the parts on the knife are titanium! The ergonomic handle is specifically designed with comfort and confidence in of grip and has that signature “Harsey Look”.

 This knife sports deep engraved watch internals that represents the passage of time. The lock side is engraved with the "Time waits for no man" This reminds us of that quote from Geoffrey Chaucer that "time and tide waits for no man" Whether it is a reminder of good times spent, reminding a loved one, or to look forward to the future, the watch works SHF is a great way to do it!

Blade length: 4”

Overall length: 8.81”

Blade steel: CPM-S45VN

Weight: 5.9ozs

Designed by Bill Harsey and made by Spartan Blades. This Watch Works themed knife is sure to please! 

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