Spartan Blades Harsey Folder 2021 Special Edition Spartan Babe

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Winner of the 2016 BLADE Show “American Made Knife of the year” Award

Spartan-Harsey Folder “SHF” The Spartan-Harsey Folder or “SHF” is Spartan Blades first folder collaboration with world renowned knife maker, William "Bill" Harsey Jr. The SHF was produced with the combined goal of creating a sturdy folding knife that could be used for a variety of tasks. This blade can be used for every day carry or as a sturdy field knife. Except for the blade, pivot, and Stop pin, all the parts on the knife are titanium! The ergonomic handle is specifically designed with comfort and confidence in of grip and has that signature “Harsey Look”.

Spartan-Harsey Folder 2021 Special Edition - Spartan Babe

Each year Spartan Blades makes four Special Edition Spartan Harsey Folders. A Special Edition for 2021, this frame is engraved with a detailed representation of a Spartan Female Warrior. Additionally, the skulls of her enemy are deep engraved on the lock side. This art work on this knife was meant to be reminiscent of the nose art placed on combat airplanes of WW II. The original art work for this knife was drawn by a friend of ours, Andrew Bawidaman. We felt the young innocence of the girl juxtaposed by here fierce warrior spirit reminded us of so many soldiers we had met in the past and would make for a great knife.

Original spartan babe artwork by artist Andrew Bawidamann

Designed by prolific knife maker William W. Harsey Jr., the Spartan Harsey Folder (SHF), is the knife many of you have been waiting for! A reliable frame lock knife, that except for the pivot, blade and stop pin is totally made of 6AL-4V titanium. This quality folder has a reversible pocket clip and dual thumb studs allowing for our left-handed friends to be accommodated. It is an ideal tool for anyone that appreciates quality!

Blade length: 4”

Overall length: 8.81”

Blade steel: CPM-S45VN

Weight: 5.9ozs

Designed by Bill Harsey and made by Spartan Blades with artwork by Andrew Bawidamann. This Spartan Babe themed knife is sure to please! 

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