Spartan Blades Enyo Bronze Line SBBL2BK

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Enyo (pronounced i-nye-oh) was the Greek goddess of war. She’s often referred to as the companion of Ares, the Greek war god. We chose the name Enyo for this everyday carry (EDC) companion knife, as it can be carried in a pocket, inside your waistband (IWB), or lashed to a bag or vest.

As a everyday carry (EDC) fixed blade knife, the Enyo is designed with ergonomics and portability in mind. When it comes to everyday cutting tasks, the Enyo is always up to the challenge. Thanks to its fixed drop point design, the strength of the blade is carried forward into the tip. Whatever situation presents itself, the Enyo will be ready to go.

The Spartan Enyo features a form-fitted plastic sheath with a retention slide button, an IWB loop, and 2’ cordage for a variety of convenient everyday carry options. This handcrafted everyday carry knife also includes a lanyard with a plated pewter Spartan helmet beat.

  • Knife Name: Enyo

  • Designer(s): Iovito/Carey

  • Overall Length: 6 1/4"

  • Blade Length: 2 11/16"

  • Blade Thickness: 3/16"

  • Blade Steel: AUS-8A

  • Blade Hardness: 58-60 HRC

  • Blade Style: Fixed Drop Point - this design allows for strength of the blade tip by placing it in line with the users hand while keeping the upward curve of the cutting edge.

  • Coating: Black Powder Coat

  • Sheath: Black Plastic Retention Sheath

  • Weight: 0.176 LBS (Knife)

  • Made in Taiwan by our Allies

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