Spartan Blades CQB Tool Blue Trainer SB10T

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CQB Tool was a design concept envisioned by Mr. Greg Thompson of H2H / Team ROC of Fayetteville / Fort Bragg area - Mr. Thompson developed the new combatives program for US Army Special Operations Forces. The CQB Tool or "transition tool" is used to compliment this program by providing a slim easily stowed knife with rapid aquisition for, "get the heck off me", grappeling situations encountered in a CQB fight. The blue trainer made of 6061 aluminum with anodized coating fits the same CQB Tool sheath so the operator can switch out the "live" knife without adjusting his gear. No sheath provided with trainer. (Pictured with Black and FDE CQB tools)


Knife Name:  CQB Tool - Trainer

Overall Length: 6 3/8"

Blade Length: 2 1/2"

Blade Thickness:  0.180"

Blade Steel:  6061 Aluminum

Blade Hardness:  N/A

Blade Style: Profiled Rounded Trainer

Coating: Blue Anodized

Sheath: None

Weight: 0.052 LBS (Knife)

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