Medford Knife Proxima Tumbled S35 & PVD Hardware

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Open length: 8.8″
Closed length: 4.9″
Blade length: 3.9in
All stock material: .1875 or 3/16in nominal
Total assembled thickness: .625in or 5/8in
Thickness(including clip): .8in

The Proxima started life as the Gigantes. For folks that wanted a larger than life knife, it was awesome. But for the rest of planet Earth, an adjustment in attitude was required. We drew-down the overall length to 8.8″ with a 4.9″ closed length for the pocket and 3.9″ blade length. All materials are of 3/16″ nominal stock, making for a very EDC friendly thickness. We played with several twists on the original name but as the prototype was carried by Greg, he kept thinking- this knife is too awesome to get a spin-off name. Since every time anyone needed to look at the prototype it was in Greg’s pocket… always near, thus: Proxima. This is THE knife carried by Greg these days. As he says: “I love the flipper/hilt and the basic meanness of this thing! It just looks bad ass and I look for reasons to snap it out all day.” What else can we say?

This item features a hand ground S35VN tumbled blade with tumbled handles and PVD hardware. 

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