Null Knives Raiden Blue Anodized & Acid Washed M390 One Per Household

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One Knife Total Per Household Across All 3 Variations

The God of Thunder and Lightning. We named our first design Raiden for its striking aesthetics, sharp lines, and versatile nature. Raiden combines all things great in a knife and is meant to be part of your everyday carry. It features a unique/original design, excellent ergonomics, and high quality materials. We've captured lightning in a bottle here!

Outfitted with full titanium handles and a Bohler M390 stainless steel blade, Raiden was built to perform. Titanium provides the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal and has outstanding corrosion resistance. The highly durable Bohler M390 blade offers superior edge retention and excellent corrosion resistant. Combine these two materials and you get a knife that can stand the test of time.

Raiden provides all day comfort with it's 3D contoured handles and slim silhouette. More comfort means less fatigue. Less fatigue means you can get more done. 

This particular variation has mystic blue handles and an acidwashed blade. The handles shift colors with more use and goes from a blue to grey.

Overall length: 7.73"

Blade length: 3.3"

Blade steel: Bohler M390

Handle material: Titanium

Weight: 3.8oz

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