Gunny Magic OTF Lube 15mL

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Introducing the newest addition to the Gunny lineup of products...... Gunny Magic OTF (Out the front) Automatic Lube

This formula was specifically created to benefit OTF knives specifically. Adding some of this to your OTF knife will make the action super smooth and lightning fast, sometimes even better than new! 

Gunny Magic contains two dry lubricants suspended in a proprietary based liquid lubricant for fast, deep penetration. This proprietary formula also pushes/cleans oils, dirt and debris away from the area being lubricated.

The main dry lubricant is graphene. Molybdenum Disulfide has also been added as a lubricant enhancement. What makes these lubricants different from the lubricants currently being used? Why graphene and MoS2?

Graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms, is 200x stronger than steel and has more lubricity than any single material known. Graphene when suspended in a lubricant and applied to a surface will burnish itself to that surface. It not only fills any pores or defects in a surface but burnishes in a sense to become part of that surface. This allows the lubricant to become better the more two parts slide across one another. Graphene offers superior lubrication and surface wear protection. Gunny Magic also offers outstanding protection against corrosion.

Molybdenum Disulfide is dry/solid lubricant powder, also known as the molybdenite (principal ore from which molybdenum metal is extracted), and has the chemical formula MoS2. It is insoluble in water and dilute acids. Crystal structure is Hexagonal Lamellar and is similar to graphite, Boron Nitride and Tungsten Disulfide. It also has amazing film forming properties and is a super lubricant in moisture free environments below 400° C. MoS2 offers tremendous lubricity properties in inert atmospheres and under high vacuum where other conventional lubricants fail. MoS2 also offers extreme pressure lubricant properties. MoS2 is able to withstand up to 250,000 p.s.i. which makes it extremely effective when used in applications such as cold metal forming. All of these properties make MoS2 an excellent lubricant by itself. When combined with graphene and this liquid carrier you get a lubricant that has superior performance in tight tolerances.

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