Civivi Flamed Carabiner Keychain CA-01B

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Civivi has all of your EDC needs covered with products like the Click Carabiner. It’s unique non-magnetic, full-titanium design has two different compartments. A smaller one for your keys and a larger one for your belt, pack, or anything else. There’s also a combination flathead screwdriver/prybar and of course… A bottle opener. Available in your choice of plain titanium or flashy flame anodized.


Model Number: CA-01B
Model Name: Click
Product Type: Carabiner

Overall Length: 2.28" / 58mm
Weight: 0.3oz / 8.57g
Thickness: 0.23" / 5.9mm

Material: 6AL4V Titanium
Color/Finish: Flamed

Designer: CIVIVI

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