Borka Ti2Design BoltLiner Grid Skulls Fallout TRD Regular 5.1" Pen

Sale price$390.00


Length: 5.1" & 5.4" extended

Diameter: 0.375"

Finish: Titanium with grid grip and Borka skulls laser engraved body given our popular FallOut TRD treatment.

Displaying a variation of gold, gray and black tones, our FallOut TRD treatment offers a unique and distinctive look to each pen.


Included is Pilot's G2 "Euro-style" refill. The Pilot G2 refill is smooth, leaves a deep color and is America's #1 refill. In addition, Pilot's G2 is easy to source locally if a replacement is needed. 

The BoltLiner Regular is compatible with an assortment of Euro-style refills.

Made in Pearl City, Hawaii, USA

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