Boker Kwaiken Compact Framelock Carbon Fiber & D2 BO231

Sale price$163.95


The Boker Plus Kwaiken Compact by Lucas Burnley, designed as a titanium frame lock, is shorter and considerably lighter than the standard version, but still convinces with almost unchanged grip strength. The front handle scale is made of wild carbon fibre, while the rear scale is made of titanium and has a diagonal texturing while the spacer with integrated lanyard hole is also made of titanium. The finely satin-finished blade in D2 opens as usual on ball bearings via flipper, a Hinderer Lock-Stop acts as overstretch protection for the lock. With convertible deep carry clip (tip-up/l-r) and high-quality nylon case for storage.

Overall length: 7.2"

Blade length: 3.03"

Blade steel: D2

Weight: 2.65oz

Handle material: Carbon Fiber & Titanium

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