Here are some frequently asked questions with answers for each one with everything in regards to the CKF EVO preorders. 

UPDATE: ALL INVOICES HAVE BEENT EMAILED. If you have not received your invoice by Friday night at 8PM EST then send us an email about it. Make sure to check your spam folder and also make sure you are checking the email that you placed the order with.

  1. When will I get my invoice?

We will start to send out invoices on Friday 2/16/24.


  1. How will I get my invoice?

It will be sent to the email that you used to place your order with. If you don’t receive an email invoice within a few days and it is not in your spam you can email us to inquire about it.


  1. How do I pay?

With a credit/debit card.


  1. Can I use Sezzle/AfterPay for the remainder?

We can send out invoice payment requests with Sezzle but this will not be done until AFTER we have handled all of the other invoices and shipped them. It is difficult to send invoices via sezzle and to keep track of them. There is a dollar threshold for Sezzle invoices and many times it requires multiple invoices to be sent just for one transaction. So that must be done one at a time and takes a while to verify.


  1. Do I get loyalty rewards points from my invoice payment for the balance?

No. I have no way to automatically add these to your points account. I am not able to add any of these remainder payments to the loyalty program. So these will not add to your loyalty account points.


  1. How will these be shipped?

We use USPS or UPS at our discretion. Unless you choose a specific shipping provider at time of pre order. We cannot upgrade shipping now after the fact.


  1. Can I change my pre order?

No. We only have what you ordered and cannot swap anything around.


  1. Can I use my current loyalty points to reduce the balance of my payment owed?



  1. Will I receive tracking to be able to track my order?

Yes. When your order ships you will receive all the shipment information via email.


  1. I have moved. Can I change my shipping address?

Yes, email us at with your updated shipping address and we can update it. This cannot be done on your invoice.


  1. Can I have a little bit of time to pay the balance?

Of course. Just email us and let us know. We cannot drag it out for months but we can work with you some for sure. Please don’t ignore our emails and expect us to hold the item for you without any communication at all from your end.  


  1. Will there be any extras?

Yes. We will have extras to sell on a first come, first serve basis on the website once that time comes. It will be later on. We will make an announcement on the email newsletter when that time comes. All we have right now on hand is what everyone ordered.


  1. When will my item ship?

We will begin shipping out everyones orders on Monday 2/19/24. The orders get dropped of in batches and may not scan instantly. Sometimes it takes until they make it to some of the local distribution centers before they start to show movement on the tracking. In rare cases we have saw the tracking not update at all up until the delivery date. You will start to see tracking emails going on as early as Saturday but they will not be dropped off/picked up by the carriers until Monday. This will take multiple days and may or may not be completed before we leave for the Texas show on that Thursday. If they are not all done by then, we will finish them first thing when we return the following week.


  1. My tracking has not updated in a few days, what can be done?

This happens often. Please be patient and wait for the package to start moving again. We have saw packages not move for over a week or more and then go out for delivery. If the package ends up being lost or damaged we of course will take care of it. 99.9% of the time the package ends up moving again and gets delivered without any issue. We cannot see any more information on the tracking information screens than you can on your end.


  1. I have not received my invoice yet, what is going on?

We are sending them out as fast as we can. Just keep waiting. Email invoices are being sent out by who ordered first. If you have not received your invoice by Saturday morning send us an email about it. Make sure to check your spam folder and also make sure you are checking the email that you placed the order with.


  1. The due date on my invoice is incorrect, what is wrong?

Nothing is wrong, it is fine. We made most of these over the past week and are just now sending them out. Just pay it and we’ll get your item(s) sent right out to you.


  1. How can I get in on this pre-order?

This pre-order was from last February and is closed now. So unless you have an 81’ DeLorean that can time travel you can’t get in on it. But really, there is good news, we will have more to sell later on! Once we have all those we will announce a drop date and time in our email newsletter.

Thanks guys! We hope everyone loves these as much as we do.