Heretic NYX S/E Stonewash MagnaCut & Aluminum H014-2A

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The Nyx is the newest OTF from Heretic Knives — where ancient mythology meets modern innovation with strength, resilience, and unparalleled style.

Inspired by the goddess of the night’s enigmatic allure and unrivaled power, this knife embodies strength, versatility, and sophistication. Much like the goddess herself, the Nyx exudes a timeless grace and formidable presence.

Crafted with a slimline chassis and optimized blade-to-handle ratio, the Nyx seamlessly blends power and grace. This sleek and formidable tool boasts a swift out-the-front mechanism, ensuring the lighting-fast deployment when you need it most.

A new low-profile glass break and reversible pocket clip round out the intentional design, elevating the Nyx to a league of its own. Every aspect has been meticulously engineered, from the intricate detailing on the blade spine to the precision of the milled stepped button, speaking to the dedication to both form and function.

Blade length: 3.62”

Blade steel: MagnaCut

Overall length: 8.66”

Handle material: Aluminum


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