Pre-Order CKF Rotten EVO 3.0 3.0B DLC model

Sale price$150.00


DLC TI Handle, Clip, & Spacer

M390 Satin DLC Blade

This is a pre order listing. This deposit will hold a knife for you once they arrive. Once they arrive and are ready to ship you will be contacted via email or phone with a link to complete purchase.

Total purchase price will be $720 but is subject to change. Price will be MSRP.

This deposit will be subtracted from the total price at time of payment. So in this case for example $720-$150=$570 remaining balance. Layaway and sezzle will be offered as usual on everything.

There is an estimate of August of 2022 for this run to be completed. That may change and may come sooner or later as that is only an estimate. We may receive our batch later after the initial customers receive theirs. Once we receive them, they will be shipped within 24-48 hours as normal once the final payment has been made.




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